Women are complex creatures, and since the dawn of humanity men have been trying to understand them. Some scientists and self help book authors will assert that women are fundamentally incapable of being understood, especially by men, but we here at Timeless Woman argue that anyone with the willingness to learn can understand the mysterious females who dwell alongside them in their communities. If you want to understand a woman, this is the place to come for help.

The major difference between Timeless Woman and numerous other websites and books that claim to be able to create a bridge of understanding between a woman and another person in her life is that this website was created and written by women. All women, from a teenager to an 87 year old great grandmother, want to be understood on some level. We have collected their stories and advice for you here. Hopefully as you browse our site, you will gradually come to understand the women in your life.

When we speak of striving to understand women, we don't just intend for our site to be used by men. Though men are the most likely group to need our services, Timeless Woman was also created to help others, such as children or other women, understand the women in their lives. It is a mistake to assume that a high powered female COO and a baker in a corner shop understand each other simply because they are both female. Therefore we aim to assist those women in their struggles just as much as we aim to assist men wanting to understand women.

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The most important thing to realize as you browse our site is that each and every woman is different, and by learning the generalities about women you will not come to understand all women. Though there are certain commonalities that exist among large groups of women, and we will educate you about them, there are many other factors, such as their attitude toward others or their personal taste in a mate that will be widely different from other women, even in the same country or profession.

To this end, we will guide you through the process of getting to know the woman in your life personally rather than just in general terms. This website can guide your investigations just like a website can guide someone seeking to learn, and with our help, you will come to understand the woman you wish to know. To get started in the learning process, use the navigation bar at the top of the page to direct you to the category of articles you wish to start with.

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