It used to be that women couldn't have it all. They couldn't be a full time mom and work full time at another job. That idea was preposterous, or so certain men afraid of losing their own job said. Of course it's not impossible to be a full time working mom. Many women do it in today's day and age. It's remarkable to watch them do it. It just goes to show how strong willed and determined they are to want it at all and make it work.

Another myth that involved working women was that they couldn't find the time to make their outfit work for them at their position. Sure, women might not have all the time in the world to put together an outfit that dresses them "to the nines." However, that doesn't stop them from trying. If you're a working career woman or even more, a working career woman and mom, you probably are reading this article thinking that you just don't have the time to figure out your business attire.

Work takes up too much time to follow all the latest fashion trends. Other than putting on your most comfortable suit, you don't tend to plan out your outfit. Luckily for you, we've got you covered, as we're going to provide you with some information about possible office wear. We'll let you in on some trends that will help you pick out the perfect office outfit.

The type of business attire outfit you put together depends on your office. If you work in the service industry then you usually have the standard black pants, white dress shirt and shoes. Something that is practical. If you work in a casual office with just a few people then you don't need to go all out. You can wear a nice, formal looking pants suit or something more low key like a skirt and shirt/sweater vest combination. Something fun but serious.

If you work in a high powered business environment then you need to bring your "A" game in terms of professionalism and business attire. Something like a pencil skirt, black closed-heel pumps and blouse would turn a lot of heads but also give you the power of looking professional. You don't want to go overboard and distract people with your look. Power suits are also another option.

Whether you're dressing conservative or casual you want to avoid some clothing options such as 9 inch stiletto heels, tight and revealing clothing and overly bright colors. You want to work within the company's dress policy while also showing off your style. If you put some time and effort into your business attire look fellow co-workers will compliment you and you'll actually believe them.

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