There are many different types of woman. Some are only found in one country or during one time period, while others are ageless categories. However, one type of woman whose genre has been both geographically and chronologically limited is the career woman. To learn more about the origins of the female dentist professional (like Dr Charis Luk at Appletree Dental or the woman mechanic at the auto body shop nearby, read all about how today's career women compare to other career women of history here.

Historically women have not always had to contribute to the economic success of their families. While today they might be investing in stocks and saving on groceries, originally they would gather food while the males hunted or work alongside the rest of the family on the farm. For a while after the industrial revolution, men, women, and children all worked alongside one another in factories. That all ended with the rise of Victorian ideals which dictated that the woman's place was in the home.

Until the 20th Century women weren't considered mentally or physically capable of doing complicated tasks like taking real estate jobs or running for office. Some inroads were made during the Suffragette movement in the 1920s, but the idea of a woman working outside the home wasn't even considered again until World War 2 created such a drain on the male workforce that the gaps had to be filled by women. Though the men returned after the war was over, women weren't ready to relinquish their advances.

In the 1950s the first career women began to emerge - single women who supported themselves. They were still relegated to jobs that were seen as "women's work," like answering the telephones or selling clothing at a store, and were expected to quit and settle down in the suburbs with the kids once they met the right man. But gradually this too began to change.

It started with equal pay for equal work and progressed to opening traditionally male industries such as construction or the military up to females. Today you're just as likely to see a woman as to see a man at the head of a company like Resume Services Toronto. Many women with husbands and children also hold down jobs, and some are even the sole breadwinners of the household. Today women are not allowed to be barred from jobs because of their gender and have the choice to pursue a career full time, part time, or not at all.

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