Moving into your new place is an exciting time! A new home is like a blank slate upon which you can paint your own personality by adding furniture and decorations to suit your personal style. But what if you're not sure what your personal style is? Then having a completely empty new home can be quite stressful. Not to worry, though. Decorating is one of the most popular hobbies these days, and not just for women, either. This article should help you find some great home decorating ideas.


One great source of home decorating ideas is the trips you have been on in your lifetime. Everyone has left their home at one time or another. Where did you go? In Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and South America, decor and culture are very different. Did you like the tribal masks of central Africa? The woven rugs of Persia? The delicate screens of Japan? Why not design your decorating scheme around them? Even if you've never been outside the country, there are always books you can look at for inspiration.

TV and Magazines

The airwaves and magazine racks are also littered with decorating ideas. Simply turning on Home & Garden Television for a few hours will give you a gold mine of material as the hosts work on many different types of properties. Whether your tastes run more toward the modern looks favored by the Property Brothers or Debbie Travis' simple country cottage schemes, you're bound to get some ideas on how you can make your place look professionally decorated by watching TV or buying a magazine. Explore several shows and publications, since they're all quite different.


One of the most popular decorating schemes today is the modern style. There are many interpretations of what makes modern modern, but generally speaking shopping at retailers like IKEA and Gabriel Ross will ensure that your look is on the cutting edge of popularity. Modern decor and furniture uses clean lines, metal, glass, hardwood, and black or chrome appliances to create chic feel that will impress your friends.


Of course, many people also find modernity too transient for their tastes and prefer to decorate their home in a more permanently elegant style. There are many classic looks that can be achieved by shopping at Homesense or even Winners but for the closest connection to the past, look for used items at antique shops and second hand furniture stores. Buying soft items like sofas and beds used isn't a good idea, but everything else will look just as good as new with a little bit of TLC. And the best part is that old furniture tends to be much sturdier.

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