The stereotype is that all women are good at decorating, but that's just a myth. Plenty of women have trouble deciding how to decorate their offices. What style should they use? How will these throw pillows make clients feel? Where's the best place to get outdoor cushions? These are all questions that many women need answered before they can open their business or finish their remodels. If you're not naturally inclined toward decorating, let this article point you in the right direction by suggesting styles that fit with different types of business.

Cutting Edge

If the impression you want to make on your clients is that you're at the cutting edge of the industry, you need to make your office look the part. Don't settle for bare walls and a few posters. Go with all the most modern fixtures and fittings, such as track lighting, metal and glass furniture, modern art with bold, block colors that's open to interpretation, display screens, and burnished metal signage. A large, discreetly lit tank full of exotic fish can also make a cool centerpiece.


If you're decorating an upscale restaurant or perhaps the offices of an architect, you want your customers to know you're up on the latest trends and that using your business will make them trendy too. To do that, your office needs to look the part. Use cool, dark colors like deep reds and dark woods, discreetly dim lighting, and antique decor made from ordinary items, such as old art prints or vintage industrial machinery as sculpture. Remember: trends change often, so read style magazines or watch decorating shows to keep up.


With some businesses, such as a therapist's office or a little cafe, you want you clients to feel at home. To achieve this effect, you need to decorate in a way that is homey and not intimidatingly stylish. Use whimsical pieces that people will remember from their parents' homes. Cozy, squashy furniture is a must, and muted colors such as pale yellow will also help with the atmosphere. For inspiration, look at photos of homes from your parents' or grandparents' generations.


Creating a relaxing atmosphere for your clients is actually quite a bit of work for you! If you want your clinic to seem calm and Zen, incorporate some Asian elements into your design style, such as a rock garden, indoor waterfall, wall art featuring Chinese or Japanese characters or motifs, and tropical potted plants. Bare woods and neutral colors like beige and light green will serve you well, and you may also want to consider a sound system to play relaxing Asian-inspired background music.

Of course if you find yourself struggling with choosing what the perfect color choice for your office walls should be, you have the option to consult a professional painting company. Contact the pros at for example, and ask them to come out to provide a quote and discuss paint chip swatches.

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