It may seem to you like single mothers are an invention of the modern age along with technology classes and mobile phones, but the truth is that there have been single mothers around for as long as we have been reproducing. If you know a single mom and you're curious about how she manages, or you just want to know more about life as a single mom, you've come to the right place. Here at Timeless Woman, we understand single moms. After you read this article, you will too.

Most people, when they think of single moms, think only of how much work there is to do when you're raising a kid all on your own. But the reality is that single moms have more to deal with than just the financial and time crunches, because to become a single mom you usually have to suffer a loss, and that loss can come with permanent or lingering emotional effects. Perhaps her husband left her to sell. Maybe she discovered she didn't love her boyfriend and she left. Or maybe there was even violence in the relationship, or her partner died. Whatever happened, she has to deal with it on her own.

Although she is alone in dealing with her loss, a single mom is never really alone because she has her children. Children are a huge responsibility but also a huge source of love and pride, so everything single moms do is for their children. They'll struggle to pay the bills and provide the many things kids often want. They'll work all day and stay up too late so they can spend time with the kids. Because there's no one else to support and love their children - just them, so they often have to work twice as hard as a mom that has a significant other in the picture.

Single moms' lives are often plagued with more financial worry than the lives of couples with children because there are no combined incomes. In order to make ends meet, a lot of single moms rely on government benefits, employment insurance overpayments, and tax breaks to keep their finances in the black. Some single moms even work two jobs to be able to afford to send their kids to good schools or to live in a neighborhood that will be safe for kids.

Single moms have less free time than almost any other type of woman. They often have to rearrange their lives to get the kids to the dentist or doctor, or to school or soccer practice. They have to rely on quick meals, stay up too late, and get out of bed too early just to have time to get everything done. Single moms are amazing, and the most amazing part is that most of them labor in obscurity.

Are you a single mom that could use some support? Visit support groups here.

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