One timeless hallmark of women is that they often sacrifice their own needs and desires on behalf of others. Whether it's giving up a shopping trip with friends to take your kids to soccer practice or working overtime in order to afford to buy your spouse something expensive for his or her birthday, chances are if you're a woman you've put yourself second. Doing this too often will not only make you miserable but will affect the quality of attention you're able to give to others, so remember to treat yourself every once in a while. Here are some ideas.

Spa Day

One of the most popular treats women like to buy themselves is a day or even a few hours at a spa where they can be pampered and looked after for a change. The key to booking a spa day is to make sure your family and/or boss knows far in advance that this day is off limits for overtime hours, driving to lessons, and other mundane tasks. If tested, don't back down. This is your day.

Shopping Trip

You probably won't be able to take a whole day off very often, so supplement your spa days with mornings or afternoons of retail therapy. Whether you want to drive in to look at new decor ideas or simply browse the mall for a new pair of jeans, remember that this trip is all about you. No kids, no spouses, and no shopping for the home, the kids, or the spouse, just you! Special thanks go out to for their continued support.


The ultimate way to unwind is to take a vacation. You might go on a week-long cruise with your spouse, take your vacation from work and go on a singles bus tour of Europe, or just get away for a weekend visit with relatives. Either way it should be something YOU want to do. Your goal is to have fun, so leave the house, pets, and kids in the care of the sitter and do as the motivational posters say: seize the day!

Girls Night

It's important to take time out of your busy schedule working and looking after your family to take at least one evening a month to hang out with your girlfriends. Quality time with other women helps with relaxation and gives you an outlet for your frustrations and advice for your problems. Whether you go out to dinner, hit the bars, or see a movie, let your hair down and have some fun!

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